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Company profile

30 years of ingenuity

        Zhejiang Kaiqi Water Industry Co., Ltd. (formerly Chumen purification equipment factory in Yuhuan County) is a professional manufacturer of environmental protection equipment. It is located in Yuhuan, Zhejiang Province, which enjoys the reputation of "hometown of China's fillers". Since its establishment in 1989, relying on Colleges and universities, scientific research and design units, the company has been committed to the development, development and application of environmental protection products. Through more than ten years of exploration and research, the company has formed a one-stop service system from design, production to installation, commissioning and maintenance.
        The company's leading product "Haitong" brand kBb type variable microporous aerator series is a kind of high-efficiency energy-saving and maintenance free oxygen aeration device, and has made a series of fruitful achievements in the development, research and manufacture of membrane microporous aerator for blast aeration system. He has won many awards and awards at the national, provincial and municipal levels. He is a participant of HJ / t252-2006 "product standard for medium and micro porous aerators" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration. The products are recommended by the water pollution control committee of China Environmental Protection Industry Association; the science and technology promotion project of the Ministry of construction in 2002, which is a national brand enterprise with excellent quality of aeration equipment and a key brand with reliable quality of China's environmental protection products; the first and second phase reconstruction projects of Qiaoxi sewage treatment plant in Shijiazhuang, which have been used for more than five years and thousands of units for 1-10 years, with a daily treatment capacity of 16 × 104t / d It is a new generation of maintenance free product with stable performance, even air distribution, no sliding and damage of diaphragm. And obtained the national utility model patent, patent number: ZL 98217091.2.
       The patent number of KQ type non buoyancy (lifting) tubular microporous aerator newly developed and produced by the company is 200520040241.5. The patent number of ZDB type vibration aerator is 98216744. X. the aerator produced by the company has been operated in thousands of municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants in China, and has been praised by the majority of users.
       The company also produces KQ type suspension packing, KQ type combined packing, KQ type elastic biological ring packing and KQ type semi soft packing. The company also provides all supporting ABS or UPVC pipes, pipe fittings and pipe level regulator. And to provide customers with design, production to installation, commissioning and other best quality products and services. At present, it has an annual output of 500000 sets of microporous aerators and a production capacity of 300000 meters of non buoyant tubular microporous aerators. It is a professional aerator manufacturer with three series, more than ten specifications and four structural forms.
       The company will take part in the environmental protection cause with the greatest enthusiasm, adhere to the enterprise spirit of "strict quality, perfect technology, realistic style and trustworthy management" with the tenet of "diligent entrepreneurship, benefit the society".